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Welcome to the home of the Massachusetts Spitfires

Massachusetts Spitfires Announce dates for Gold Medal Hockey Camp 

Dates:  August 1-4 

Location:  Providence College

Time: 12:30 - 5:30

Directors:  Olympians Vicki Movsessian and Sara DeCosta

​Olympians Vicki Movsessian Lamoriello and Sara DeCosta Hayes along with an all female staff of current and former collegiate players, invite you to participate in an Olympic experience camp.

Program will include:  2 on and 2 off ice training sessions, team building exercises, classroom activities including the importance of good nutrition.  Program emphasis - power skating, shooting, puck control.  Groups will be separated by age and abilities.

Ages 6-16.  Cost $375   SIGN UP HERE



by vicki lamoriello posted 04/11/2016
Girls Prep Division 1 New England Champions

Congratulations Noble & Greenough School and all of the MA Spitfires for winning the Girls Prep Division 1 NE State Title.  Bridget McCarthy and Tess Dupre (Nobles captains pictured above) will also be representing the MA Spitfires U19 Major team at USA Hockey's Tier 1 National Championship March 30-April 4, 2016.

by Larry Movsessian posted 03/08/2016

Join Spitfires!

Become a Spitfire!  In addition to the traditional tryouts we are offering opportunities for players to join a Practice or Skills night.  The following dates are open to any player and players may do more than one session.  Players must sign up below.  For practice and skills visits, your daughter will skate their current age group.  u8 - 2007 and younger  -  U10 - 2006, 2005   -  U12 - 2003, 2004    - U14  - 2002, 2001

If these dates do not work for your daughter please email vicki@spitfireshockey.com to arrange another time.

Tuesday Practice 2/16/16 - SIGN UP HERE

U8 - 5:00 PM

U10 - 6:00 PM

U12 - 7:00 PM

U14 - 8:00 PM

Monday Skills 2/22/16 - SIGN UP HERE

U10 and U12 7:00 PM

Tuesday Practice 2/23/16  SIGN UP HERE

U8 - 5:00 PM

U10 - 6:00 PM

U12 - 7:00 PM

U14 - 8:00 PM


posted 02/10/2016

Girls Hockey U6-U19


U8 (Evaluation) - 2/29, 3/8, 3/21.

U10-U14 - Begins the week of 3/14/16

U16 and U19 - 3/20, 4/17 and 4/24

CLICK HERE or go to TRYOUT TAB for more information.

posted 02/10/2016
U10 Major 2 Champions!

U10 Major 2 Championship Pose!

The Spitfires U10 Major 2 team participated in the 1st Annual Santa Shootout, in Boston. During the week, the girls competed against teams from Dedham, Walpole, Exeter NH and Allston Brighton. The competition was great as the Spitfires held 1st place going into the playoff round with a 3-1 record. The playoff game against the South Coast Lightning was an exceptionally competitive contest, resulting in a 3-0 victory to advance to the final game. The final game of the tournament matched the Dedham Marauders against The Spitfires and The Spitfires once again brought their energetic, all out efforts to the game. The girls won the final game 2-1 to win the Championship. 

posted 01/02/2016
One Weekend - 3 Champions

Spitfires Thanksgiving Weekend of Champions!

U19 Major 1 and Major 2 Spitfires Teams sweep U19 Massachusetts State Tournament.

U19 Tier 1 Massachusetts State Champions

U19 Tier 2 Massachusetts State Champions

U14 Major 2 Cranberry Classic Champions

See team stories on website!

by vicki lamoriello posted 12/02/2015
Spitfire U19 Major 1 Win Tier 1 States

u19 Tier 1 Champions

New England Sports Center, Marlboro, Massachusetts 

Massachusetts State Tournament - November 27-29, 2015

U19 Major 1 Team Massachusetts State Tournament U19 Tier 1 Champions!

Congratulations to our Team!

Spitfires open the tournament weekend with an 8-0 victory over the Eagles.  Back to back games on Friday?  No problem for the Spitfires!  The team finishes the day with a 5-1 win over the Bay State Breakers.  In the next game, the Spitfires fall in a 4-1 loss to the Wizards. The Spitfires record is strong as the team advances to the finals.  A hard fought game takes the Spitfires to a 4-2 victory over Bay State Breakers.

State Champion U19 Tier 1! The team will be heading to Nationals March 31-April 4 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



posted 12/02/2015
U19 Major 2 Win Massachusetts State Tournament

U19 Tier 2 Champions

New England Sports Center, Marlboro, Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Tournament, November 27-29, 2015

Massachusetts Spitfires U19 Major 2 Win Massachusetts State Tournament!  A tough 12 team pack begins the U19 tier 2 State Tournament.  Spitfires open the weekend with back to back wins.  A 4-3 victory over the Islanders and a 4-2 victory over Charles River Blazers sets the tone for the weekend.  The Spitfires follow up with a 6-3 win over the Lady Crusaders and a 2-0 win over the Shamrocks.  Undefeated heading into semi-finals and out scoring their competition 17-8, the team is set to face off against the Cape Cod Storm.  Regulation ends in a 2-2 tie.  The team is ready for OT.  Several minutes into the 4th overtime, the Spitfires score! A 3-2 victory over the Storm sets them up for a Spitfire/Wizards final.  The teams depth of character shined as each OT finished. 

Spitfires end victorious.  A 2-0 win over the Wizards earns them the title of U19 Tier 2 State Champions.  Congratulations Girls!

Our U19 Major 2 will head to Nationals held March 31 - April 4 in Burlington, Vermont.

by vicki lamoriello posted 12/01/2015
U14 Major 2 Win Cranberry Classic

U14 Champions

Cape Cod, Massachusetts Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

Cranberry Classic Thanksgiving Tournament

Congratulations to our U14 Major 2 Team for winning the Cranberry Classic!

U14s open the tournament with a 8-0 victory over the Blizzard and a 2-2 tie with the Connecticut Polar Bears.  Next game ends in a 7-1 win against the Charles River Blazers.  Spitfires end the second day of competition with a 4-1 victory over the Shoreline Sharks.  As the #1 seed in their division, Spitfires face off against the #2 seed Assabet.  Once again, the Spitfires remain undefeated with a 6-0 victory over Assabet.  The finals were held a Tabor Academy.  A hard fought game leads to a 1-0 victory over the Syracuse Nationals!

Spitfires win the U14 division!  Congratulations Spitfires!

by vicki lamoriello posted 11/30/2015
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State Tournament Starts Tonight!
Hockey East Women's Headlines
USCHO News & Features

Pre- and Post-Game Nutrition Tips

11/22/2013, 9:15am EST
By Joe Meloni

"failing to prepare is preparing to fail."

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden was famous for saying "failing to prepare is preparing to fail." In any sport, the work done before a game directly influences the effort during the game. But practicing on-ice skills and improving athleticism aren’t the only things vital to success when it comes to hockey. Nutritional training and eating well to prepare the body for a game or practice is just as important.

Eating the right type of foods and drinking the right fluids can be the difference between a good game or practice and a bad one. However, for young players and parents rushing to and from the rink, proper nutrition is often easy to overlook. Additionally, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Young men and women playing in different age groups will respond differently to certain foods.

"Eating anything is better than eating nothing, but it's important to avoid foods that are difficult to digest," says Nancy Clark, a registered dietician from Newton, Mass., who has experience working with the Boston Bruins. "A lot of times, kids may just avoid eating because they're on the ice so early in the morning. In this case, even a bowl of cereal before bed can help. Blood sugar tends to drop over night, so eating before bedtime is better than not eating at all.”

Clark points out that greasy foods—a favorite among kids—are harder to digest. They can result in a child quickly losing energy during practice or a game. So, she recommends avoiding those foods around competition.

“The kids will learn too,” she says. “They'll see what helped them and learn not to eat certain things before a practice or a game."

The type of food and fluids that helps young people excel in an intensely physical sport like hockey are those that offer a boost of energy without excessive sugar or fat. It’s also important to remember that meals following strenuous exercise are as important as those before it.

"After a game, I suggest eating something packed with protein," says Clark. "Say chocolate milk and peanut butter. These help the body recover and build on the workout they just had in the practice or a game."

As a parent looking to emphasize healthy foods and drinks that will help your child succeed, it's important to think ahead. If your schedule includes early morning or late-night practices, planning ahead and developing a healthy food routine is even more critical. It will help you avoid those last-minute trips to rink vending machines or fast food restaurants, Clark notes.

"My daughter is a hockey player, and she has a lot of early-morning practices and games," explains Clark. "For parents in this situation, getting breakfast ready for the morning so you can just grab it and go will help get on that schedule. Things like fruit, granola bars, and even a bowl of oatmeal are all easy to digest and create the type of energy hockey players need."

In terms of hydration, water is the best bet, Clark says. Some sports drinks can offer a lift, particularly after exercise that last longer than an hour, but most of time, the best way to hydrate the body is to simply drink water.

"Energy drinks are really just stimulant drinks," Clark says. "They don't create energy. They just have stimulants. Hydrating with water or juice beforehand then maybe a sports drink during or after is the best way to stay hydrated."

Still, there is no single right answer for every young hockey player’s tastes. Adopting a nutrition routine that a child will actually accept is the first step. Once they see positive results, it will make it that much easier for them to stick to it. As children grow and advance through different levels of hockey, their nutritional needs don't change too drastically. However, this same type of routine, with some minor modifications, can be used all the way through when they become teenagers and young adults.

The hours spent becoming a better skater or mastering shooting and passing are critical to a hockey player's success during a game. However, just as important are those few moments deciding what to eat or drink before and after you come off the ice.

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